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6. Accounts

6.1 Payment Terms
Orders must be prepaid at the time of ordering, unless we have expressly agreed an account with you. Payment shall be made in full, complian twith the terms of the agreed account. We reserve the right to review and/or remove accounts at any time. Paymen can be made by PayPal (additional fee of 2% will be added to the balance), bank transfer or directly in our office.

6.5 VAT
IE VAT at the Standard Rate will be added to the price of a job where IE VAT is applicable. It may be the case that a job, for example, a leaflet, becomes VAT-able after the artwork has been supplied, for example, if it is a form. To comply with current legislation, we MUST add VAT in these cases after the order has been placed. You are liable for payment of VAT before the order can be dispatched. Comprehensive details on VAT regulations can be found on the H.M. Revenue and Customs website.
We will not accept responsibility for missed ship dates due to non-payment of VAT.